When we first saw the colorful and funky cardboard food trucks by Famous OTO, we were briefly devastated, thinking of all the days we did not have one in our house. Then we remembered we can have one now, and so can you! Read on for the scoop on these glorious, home-grown city kid creations.

photo: Famous OTO

Meet OTO, by Mans
Surprise: there is no OTO. (It’s pronounced “auto”, like a vehicle, for obvious reasons; the “famous” part is a nod to old school NYC businesses, a la “Famous Ray’s”, etc.)

The person behind these colorful cardboard vehicles is Mans Swanberg, a Swedish illustrator and animator now based in Brooklyn. Famous OTO began as a passion project, inspired by Swanberg’s love of “big, colorful and wonky” typography, the abundance and adaptability of cardboard, and same-old same-old design of so many kids’ toys. The idea came to him in 2009; it took five years to figure out how to manufacture the toy trucks.

photo: Famous OTO

Super Cute and Responsible
Famous OTO currently produces two designs of cardboard food trucks for kids: an ice cream truck and a taco truck. Measuring 40″ x 36″ x 24″, they’re easy to assemble (and break down for storage) and cost $69, with free shipping. (More designs are on the way, but while cardboard is a relatively inexpensive material, the plates to print the trucks are not. Want to know as soon as a new design is released? Sign up for the Famous OTO newsletter.)

The trucks are made with food-grade, non-toxic cardboard, which means they are safe to eat. (But, Swanberg notes, you should not do that.) The products also biodegrade completely, and are manufactured in the U.S. — specifically, Philadelphia.

Plus, for every Famous OTO truck sold, the company donates a dollar to One Tree Planted, an organization that, for every dollar received, plants a tree in a reforestation program.

photo: Famous OTO

Bonus Food Trucks for Families with Felines
If you’ve got a kitty in the house, you may want to consider the even more miniaturized Famous OTO food truck for your four-legged friend. In addition to ice cream and taco versions (with appropriate cat-centric details), Famous OTO also offers a so very Brooklyn brick abode, complete with mural and a quick commute via the G train. (One of those will set you back $39, with free shipping.)

Online: famousoto.com

Ice cream or taco truck? Which will your kid choose? Cast your ballot in the comments!

— Mimi O’Connor