Photo: LlamaLlamaBook

Before she passed away last year, celebrated children’s book author Anna Dewdney left her readers an exciting gift that’ll steal your heart: a new picture book, Little Excavator. Released on June 6, Little Excavator will be the first book outside of Anna’s beloved Llama Llama series.

The new book is about the character Little Excavator. Little Excavator is eager to help at the construction site but isn’t big enough to “CHUG CHUG CHUG!” like the Dump Truck as it loads dirt, or “MOUND MOUND MOUND!” like the ‘Dozer. Fortunately, the hard-working Big Rigs find a job perfect for Little Excavator.

The book was inspired by Anna Dewdney’s experience restoring her 1820 Vermont home. Anna was discussing her concerns with the contractor over how they’d get their big machines into small confined spaces in the home. The contractor explained, “Oh, we’ll just get in a little excavator to do the job the big ones can’t do.” That’s when this book idea hit her.

Luckily, Little Excavator isn’t the last gift we have to honor Anna Dewdney’s legacy. Netflix is creating an animated Llama Llama series, with Jennifer Gardner as the voice of Mama Llama. The animated series will be released Fall 2017.

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