Farm & Oven Snacks, Inc.

Waiting until dinner to fight about veggies with your kids is too late and too much of a struggle. Why not get off to a great start in the morning, with Farm & Oven Breakfast Bites.

Each convenient, on- the-go pack of mini muffins is loaded with ½ cup of real, non-GMO veggies, soft baked in delicious flavors that your kids will ask for.

Give them energy from a combination of vegetables and whole grains, so they can be their best all day long. What a #momwin! Veggies without a fight, hassle-free mornings.

I’m Kay, and I have been raising kids for 35 years. (And still standing.) I’ve been trying to get kids to eat veggies the whole time.


-from Kay Allison, Farm & Oven Snacks, Inc.
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