photo: ElonMusk/Writer_StevenL on Twitter

When Elon Musk isn’t busy inventing the future and digging tunnels under Los Angeles, he spends time on Twitter as the voice of Tesla. It’s there that he made the announcement that the company will be following the advice of a fifth grader and hold a contest for homemade advertisements. Read on to learn all about this 10-year old girl’s wise words.

In a tweet to Musk, 5th Grader Bria Loveday’s father posted a picture of the letter she wrote and mailed to Tesla.

The fifth grader from Michigan cleverly starts her letter by buttering Musk up with a line about how smart and environmentally friendly his ideas are. She goes on to suggest that Tesla consider running a contest to see who can make the best homemade commercial, because she has seen many that are very good and professional looking.

The “cool part”, she adds, is that he won’t have to spend any time or money creating ads himself. Future entrepreneur in the making! Bria’s real career goals, however, are in politics, she explains to Musk. “I plan to be a politician when I grow up, and I will make sure that the government protects the environment, and Teslas can be bought everywhere.” Now that’s a winning platform.

Surprisingly, Musk not only responded to the tweet, but he gladly took Bria’s advice and announced that his company, which is known for forgoing traditional advertising, would host a contest to find the best homemade commercial, naming it Project Loveday in her honor.

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