If you are having to fight to have a place at the table…

If you are having to beg for an invitation…

If you are feeling like a third wheel, as you search for a sense of belonging…

If someone is making you feel less than, unworthy, underappreciated, or unwelcome…

Dear friend, don’t you spend one more minute clinging to those people and their approval or lack of it!

Sure, you may not have a seat at the “cool kid’s” table, but odds are if they ever allowed you in their circle, they would do nothing but make you feel inferior.

You deserve to belong.

You are worthy of having an open invitation from people who desire your company, who truly see you and value the gifts you have to offer.

The table that is meant for you, will have an open chair.

You won’t have to fight for your right to be there.

There won’t be someone else in your seat, because no one else can be you.

That is your superpower.

The people who are meant to be in your corner will stay.

The friendships that offer unconditional love, as you grow, will stand the test of time.

Your circle might decrease in size, but watch it increase in joy, peace, acceptance, and encouragement.

If you couldn’t find a seat in the place that you expected to, it doesn’t mean you don’t have any place, friend.

Don’t kill yourself wondering why they don’t like you…You are loved.

Don’t try to earn their approval…You’re already enough.

Stop defining your worth by other’s rejection…You know who you are.

Please know your value and adjust your circle accordingly.

This post originally appeared on Love What Matters.