Earlier this week, the Cedar Rapids Fire Department delivered a baby during the Polar Vortex. While you might expect baby delivering duties to fall into the hands of an OB/GYN or midwife, when duty calls, these first responders came through in an amazing way.

Sometimes the birth plan doesn’t work out as hoped. When mama-to-be Cassy Abram and husband Scotty were told that Scotty Jr. just wasn’t ready for his grand debut, the expectant couple left the hospital and returned to their Cedar Rapids, Iowa home. But apparently Scotty Jr. wasn’t in agreement with the hospital staff’s assessment. Minutes after arriving home, Cassy was in labor and the baby was coming.

Imminently soon-to-be dad Scotty called the Cedar Rapids Fire Department and got to work actually delivering his baby. In an interview with CNN, Cassy’s aunt, Larissa Ruffin, said, “EMTsarrived about 10 minutes later and they let dad cut the umbilical cord on the living room floor.”

But wait, the story gets better. Not only did the unplanned home birth go flawlessly, the firefighters didn’t stop at the delivery. In a now-viral Facebook post, a pic of two firefighters shoveling the new family of three’s driveway melted hearts across the internet.

One commenter wrote, “Your firefighters rock! That took one huge weight off of a new dad’s shoulders, and let him enjoy some special time with his wife and new son. Those firefighters deserve a huge pat on the back, a warm blanket and some hot cocoa.”

Summing it up, another FB commenter added, “Well done! This was such a beautiful gesture and a nice reminder of the goodness in the world. Thank you for your work.”

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Shelby Miller via Unsplash



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