One-year-old Lucas Warren made major news when he became the newest Gerber Baby. As the first Gerber Baby with Down syndrome, adorable little Lucas totally charmed the world with his sweet smile. Well now he’s making news again! In an epic meetup, the 2018 spokesbaby met the OG Gerber Baby. Yep, Lucas had a meet and greet with 91-year-old Ann Turner Cook, the very first adorable face of Gerber.

In 1927, Dorothy Gerber decided, under the advice of her pediatrician, to strain fruits and veggies for her seven-month-old daughter. When hubby Dan tried to help, he realized that whole process could be made so much easier if they strained the solids at the family’s canning plant—and that’s how those iconic Gerber baby foods were born.

One year later the brand-new company held a contest to find the face of Gerber. When artist Dorothy Hope Smith submitted a sketch (yes, an actual paper drawing) of one-year-old Ann Turner, history was made. Fast-forward 90 years and Ann Turner (now Ann Turner Cook) is a 91-year-old retired English teacher and mystery novelist living in Tampa, Florida.

So how did this meetup of these historical Gerber firsts happen? When Lucas and his family were on a trip to the Tampa area, Gerber arranged for the one-year-old and the 91-year-old to meet. Thankfully, there were folks on hand to capture this incredibly sweet moment on camera.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Gerber via Instagram 


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