It was only a few short months ago that fans of the original got a glimpse of a major reboot of one of our childhood heroines, She-Ra. Now that the first teaser for She-Ra and the Princesses of Power on Netflix is out, you’re going to want to watch it—that is, both the teaser and the new show.

The reboot is packed with plenty of familiar voices. Along with star Aimee Carrero, you’ll hear Suicide Squad’s Karen Fukuhura, The Goldberg’s AJ Micjalka, Orange is the New Black’s Lorraine Toussaint, Royal Pain’s Reshma Shetty, Superstore’s Lauren Ash and Sandra Oh.

When the world got their first look at the all new She-Ra, the internet had plenty to say. Unlike the original, the new version of Adora, the Princess of Power is decidedly less visually provocative. In the Netflix reboot, it looks like She-Ra has on some sensible bike shorts under her skirt. (Because seriously, who goes into combat wearing just a mini skirt?)

So take a look at the teaser trailer and don’t forget to show it to your kiddo. This is your chance to share a tiny little piece of your childhood with your own child—and you’ll definitely be the cool mom for suggesting this powerful new series for girls and boys alike.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: DreamWorksTV via YouTube



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