Forget about plastic bananas and pieces of white bread. Fisher-Price’s Pretend Charcuterie Snack Set is the bourgie version dramatic play toy you never knew your kiddo needed.

If the typical pretend fare just isn’t enough for your child’s top tastes, this foodie find will fit the bill. For just under $20 you can order this stylish set on Amazon.

photo: Amazon

Not only does the set come with pretend salami, brie cheese, crackers and grapes, it also features two faux marble plates (because paper or plastic-ware just won’t do) and fabric napkins that read, “Let it brie” and, “You’re grape.”

Of course, what charcuterie platter would be complete without a cutting board and knife? The upscale set also comes with a mock wood and marble board and kid-friendly knife to serve up soft slices of salami and brie!

—Erica Loop



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