While busy doesn’t even begin to describe your lifestyle (you’re a mom, right?), the good news is that you don’t need a lot of time or a fancy fitness membership to fit in exercise on the daily. Simply follow these hacks to make your workout routine come to life. Bonus: some of our tips include watching Netflix!

1. Morning coffee run? Park in the farther spot in the lot to get in those extra steps.


2. Do planks in between cleaning the house. If you do ‘em on the floor, it may just motivate you to sweep, vacuum or mop more often!

3. Get in a few leg lifts and or calf raises throughout your day when you’re standing at your desk, brushing your teeth or waiting in line for lunch. We know you’re no stranger to multi-tasking.

photo: FIT4MOM Chicago Loop

4. You don’t need fancy weights to get strong. Use common household items like bottles of water or cans sitting in your cupboard.

5. Reward yourself with technology! You can link the app Qapital to your Fitbit and reward yourself (let’s say $2) every time you hit your 10,000 steps goal.

6. Every time you go to the restroom and after you wash your hands, use the sink to do 10 pushups.

7. It’s no secret you’re addicted to Netflix. When watching your favorite show, make it into a game. Every time your fave character’s name is said outloud, do 10 lunges or jumping jacks.

photo: mamastrong

8. Or, during the commercial breaks do high leg kicks, crunches and pushups.

9. Working out can be fun. Sign up for a Color Run or costumed race and get into the spirit!

10. Who has time for the gym? Take advantage of quick workouts you can find on YouTube. Some of them even involve your kids!

11. The next time you hit the playground bring hoola hoops and jump ropes. Get the kids in on the fun, too!

12. Organize a Get Moving afternoon. Write out different physical challenges on flashcards (think: crab walk, jumping jacks, downward dog) and have the whole family participate.

13. For the green thumbs out there, if you’ve got weeds to pull instead of bending over, use this as an opportunity to do squats. You can do the same when picking up toys. Feel the burn!

14. Check out your local gyms and boutique workout studios. Many offer childcare. We’re personally addicted to the lagree method, which is a full body conditioning 40 minute class. You’re in, you burn and you’re out in a snap.

15. Set a schedule and make fitness a routine. For example, promise yourself you’ll walk a mile every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at lunch.

16. If you take public transportation to work, get off a stop early and walk the rest of the way.

17. Give yourself a dollar every time you work out instead of splurging for that fancy gym membership. Use that money at the end of the month to treat yo’ self. You deserve it!

18. Ditch the Britney playlist for your favorite podcast or audiobook.

19. Wear a weighted vest (or carry your toddler in a carrier) as you go about your daily routine and cleaning. 

20. Work your triceps—all you need is a stable bench or even your couch. Face outwards and keep your knees at a 90 degree angle. Dip your arms down until they are parallel to the floor and repeat!

21. If you’re heading out for a jog, have a destination in mind as a reward. Jog to the mani-pedi salon or even to your favorite fro-yo place. It’ll get you out of the house and give you something to look forward to.

22. This might be a no brainer, but we love opting for the stairs instead of elevator or escalator. Try jogging up or power walking up them to get your heart pumping.

23. Agree to go for a walk or jog with fellow mamas. With other people relying on you to show up, we’re guessing you’ll be less likely to cancel at the last minute.

— Erin Lem


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