Libby Lu may be the luckiest five-year-old in the world this week. Earlier this month, when the St. Louis Blues traded hockey player T.J. Oshie away to the Washington Capitols, his number one fan was left in complete tears and confusion. How could she still root for T.J. Oshie when he was on the wrong team? The viral video of her reaction caught the attention of ESPN, who brought her in for a special phone call with her favorite player. Watch the moment below!

Who else loved the questions about T.J. Oshie’s pool? After the adorable call, T.J. Oshie sent her a pretty awesome care package, and judging by the glow on her face, that gift might just be enough to convince her to switch team loyalties.

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photo: Washington Capitols

Has your kiddo ever been starstuck? What’s their story? Share it in the Comments below!

— Christal Yuen