Covid-19 has required everyone to adjust to a “new normal,” especially when it comes to planning and executing vacation plans. New consumer research by Vrbo shows that a new trend is emerging: the Flexcation.

A Flexcation is when families book longer vacation stays at the end of August, September and October, getting better deals and often mixing work and pleasure. After months of stay-at-home orders, everyone is finding that a change of scenery is just what they need to regain a better life balance.

photo: Burst by Shopify

The research found that 50 percent of travelers surveyed by Vrbo believe flexible school schedules make it easier to vacation, with 48 percent of respondents being able to work from anywhere.

Vrbo president Jeff Hurst states that “This summer, we’ve seen countless families switch to road trips and rent private vacation homes instead of taking traditional vacations. What’s interesting is the shift in when people are traveling and how families are blending vacation time with working from home or remote learning.”

The survey also found that searches for one to four-week rentals increased over searches from last year, indicating that families are looking for longer vacations. At the same time, stays for rentals during the “shoulder season” (dates between Labor Day and the holidays) often result in cheaper prices and less crowding.

Lish Kennedy, vice president of brand marketing at Vrbo states that “More flexibility in our work and school schedules is allowing families to enjoy a welcome change in their surroundings and a relaxing break together.”

––Karly Wood



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