So you say you’re looking for the vacation to top all other vacations? Well, we’ve got one for you! The new floating Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa is set to open (in Sweden) next fall. And the name is no joke. This is an actual floating hotel. Adventure tour company Off the Map Travel and the team who brought bold travelers the Treehotel in Sweden are launching this one-of-a-kind hotel experience—and you’re going to want to make reservations ASAP.

The six-room hotel may not be 100 percent ready for guests yet, but it’s sure to be one awesome sight. The floating hotel will freeze into the Lule River’s ice in the winter and gently float on the water during the warmer summer months.

Founder of Off the Map Travel and Arctic travel expert, Jonny Cooper, said, “The circular shape of the spa and Arctic Bath creates a protected environment sheltering guests and creating a haven to relax and soak up the local Arctic environment.”

The Arctic bath has an open center, where hotel guests can sunbathe in the summer, ice bathe or sit back and experience the majestic beauty of the Northern Lights. The bath is maintained at 39 degrees Fahrenheit, making it very much like the traditional Arctic cold-water plunge.

Even though the hotel and spa are still under construction, guests can book their stay in advance (through Off the Map Travel) of the grand opening.

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—Erica Loop

Photos courtesy of Off the Map Travel.