As a parent, it can feel like you spend half your life just shuttling your kids around to and from school and extracurricular activities. Timing it all out can be a delicate balancing act and things only get astronomically more complicated when you add more than one kid to the mix. Now there’s an app for that.

The Floc app is a rideshare app for carpooling families. Unlike similar apps, Floc was designed by parents for parents and doesn’t rely on drivers you’ve never met. Instead you can use the app to build a group of parents you know and trust and then utilize the app to organize carpools amongst your group.

Users can create several Flocs or groups based on categories, like school friends or baseball teammates, and then easily communicate with other parents and caregivers within those groups to request carpool rides.

Ride requests can be made well in advance or up to an hour before they are needed. Once a carpool has been completed, parents will receive a notification through the app letting them know their kids have been dropped off. The app also offers the ability to purchase and send a $10 gift card if you’re feeling the need to show gratitude to a parent who has gone the extra mile to help you out with rides.

“When my kids were growing up, my wife and I spent several hours each week trying to maneuver schedules or coordinate rides with other parents. And, I always thought – ‘there’s got to be a better way,’” said Aaron DaSilva, founder of Floc and father of two. “With Floc, people can easily schedule rides for their kids without the worry that their kids are getting into cars with strangers, but rather people they know and trust.”

Floc is currently available to download for free for iOS and Android devices. It can be found by searching “Floc Friends and Family Carpool.”

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Courtesy of Floc



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