You’re all about a night out. Come on. We all are. The chance to sip an adult beverage (or a few) with your honey while eating a meal that you didn’t have to prepare? Really, what mama wouldn’t go for that? Well, apparently one restaurant in Florida wants to see to it that every adult’s meal-time is undisturbed. That is, undisturbed by children. Along with the establishment hours, they added “No Children” to their door’s sign. And some parents weren’t exactly thrilled.

Okay, so let’s start with the type of eatery we’re talking about here. This isn’t your good ol’ family restaurant that serves up dino-shaped chicken nuggets and offers mini bagel pizzas for the under 10 set. Nope. The restaurant in question, Hampton Station, describes themselves as a “Beer Garden specializing in the best German & American Craft Brews.”

So if you want to bring your kiddo to a bar…umm, who are we to judge? But it doesn’t seem completely necessary to stress about their “No Children” sign. Hey, how many of us have been to a bar (that serves food too) and seen the “No one under 21 admitted” signs?

Troy Taylor, owner of the Hampton Station, told the Tampa Bay Times that his decision to put the sign up came from, “a lot of people who couldn’t keep their kids under control.” He added that there was a recent incident where, “A kid was in danger and could have been seriously hurt.”

Even though there has been some serious social media backlash, a post from the Tampa Bay Moms Group noted, “And parents or not, everyone deserves a little kid free time and really, like it or not businesses can make these changes.”

What do you think about not allowing children in a restaurant? Does the fact that the establishment happens to be a bar that also serves food make a difference? Share your thoughts in the comments below.