#FTW, #TGIF, #TBT. For parents who find themselves texting with one hand while juggling the diaper bag, coffee and keys in the other, hashtags can be a quick way to share (or search) the daily “my kid just did this!” From fashion-forward tots to hilarious things kids say, check out the top 5 kiddie-cool hashtags we’ve bookmarked to follow.

tsinstaphoto: summerbellessa via instagram


It all started when Summer Bellessa, an uber stylish mom and former model, let her 3 year old toddler take control of her outfit for the day. The mix of cool and crazy posts inspired other moms let their tiny fashionistas dictate their morning wear, and honestly some of the ensembles are totally rockable!


photo: amyhadira via Twitter


Ever caught your toddler getting trigger happy with the camera phone? No judgment if you want to save all 278 photos they took of themselves! In fact, share those cute mugs with #BabySelfie.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 4.29.49 PMphoto: tinnabessa via instagram


For all the milestone moments in a parent’s journey, document it with #ParentWin. The examples range from sneakily getting kids to clean the dishes via a game of “Cinderella,” to savoring the moment you discover the mini-me loves exactly what you love.


Cheers to the modern day version of Kids Say the Darndest Things. Made popular by the ever hilarious Twitter feed, Nick Mom, #KidsSayOfTheDay, has us laughing and recording every clever sentence our munchkins string together.


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Ever wonder what shenanigans our readers and their families are up to on the weekend? #RockedTheWeekend is Red Tricycle’s own fun-filled feed for day-off inspiration. See what activities we get into and let it inspire you to rock your next weekend!

What are your favorite hash tags to follow? Share them in the Comments below!

— Christal Yuen