It’s 8 p.m. You’ve finished dinner, cleaned the dishes and are getting ready to settle into the kids’ bedtime routine. And that’s when your oldest notifies you that she needs some sort of craft item for a school project. Oh, and it’s due tomorrow. Yikes! Well, that’s what happened to Rachael Pavlik. The mom, writer and creator of RachRiot had a hilarious (and all too familiar) story to tell about her daughter and a white piece of poster board.

Okay, so Pavlik’s daughter waited longer than the standard 8 p.m. call out time to let her mama that she needed a school supply for the next day. At 9 p.m. she informed Pavlik that she absolutely, positively needed white poster board for the next day of school.

Like any good mommy, Pavlik went out and got her daughter exactly what she needed. She details the laughable story on her Facebook page. Not only does she tell the tale of getting the poster board, but the mama also posted a pic. Of the poster board. In the middle of the sidewalk. Where her daughter dropped it.

Yep. After all the stress, strain and trouble of running out for a late-night poster board fix, the prized possession was accidentally dropped and left behind.

Has your child ever done something similar? Share your story in the comments below.