We’ve all seen “it” laying on the sidewalk, forgotten in the melting snow on the playground, resting in the grocery store parking lot on a winter evening; “it” is…the lost mitten. Kid’s gloves often fit incorrectly, with fingers that are too long and palms that are too big, resulting in slippage and annoying bulkiness. Non-waterproof gloves become soggy and materials are often scratchy or itchy. All of these issues yield the same result: your child frolicking bare-handed in the cold while you wonder where in the world that little piece of outerwear vanished off to. Save yourself the mystifying, sheepish experience of being the parent of a suddenly underdressed kiddo with these picks for the top 4 mittens and gloves.

No Snow Snuggler Mittens

Never again will the outdoor fun be put on pause to readjust an errant mitten or recover one that’s disappeared. Wrists stay warm and dry! Mittens are built right into a soft, cozy fleece sized just right for your little snowmen or snow bunnies, which can be worn as an easily removable layer.  Available for toddlers and kids size 2T to youth XL.
Cost: $29.99-41.99
Online: nosnowsnuggler.com

Molehill Thumbless Baby Mittens
Forgo the hassle of maneuvering newborn and infant hands in gloves with this sweet little mitt perfect for their little mitts. Thick, quality fleece keeps ever little finger happy and well-insulated. A loop for wrist tightness adjustment also easily attaches to a coat, to ensure they won’t end up tossed from a stroller or baby carrier and left behind you on the ground. Cost: $9.95
Online: altrec.com

Marmot Glade Gloves
This glove packs a cold-weather whopping punch! Waterproof, windproof and breathable, this durable, high-quality glove is available for totters, boys and girls. Moisture-wicking fabric eliminates sweat or snow melt wetness and prevents clamminess, while soft smooth fleece keeps hands comfy. Wrist strap adjusts for size and can attach to a jacket sleeve for safekeeping.
Cost: $32-40
Online: marmot.com

Kombi Kids
Waterproof and full insulated, these sensible gloves also come in an wide assortment of colors for kids, and sizes for ages 1-12. The patented no-slip grip keeps kids safe during recess, and a nifty zipper pocket available on many is both practical and fun. Based and manufactured in Canada, the U.S. distributor website offers free shipping, exchanges and easy returns.
Cost: $15-40
Online: winterkids.com

–Genna McGahee