Let’s face it: canceled plans have become part of the pandemic parent’s lexicon. From delayed vacations to postponed field trips, we know that this upcoming school year is a wild card. The good news is, whether it’s at a science museum or under a rock in their own backyard, kids can find adventure just about anywhere. And your favorite snack brand Nature’s Bakery is here to help by offering parents and teachers the chance to sign up and receive FREE adventure kits!

Find out how you can get a free Snack Sized Adventures: Field Trip Edition kit at whatonearthdoidowithmykids.com!

Introducing Snack Sized Adventures: simple and inexpensive tech-free activities that require minimal planning time and get families off screens and couches and out in the world together, encouraging active living and illustrating the values Nature’s Bakery holds dear. Snack Sized Adventures taps into the insights behind the adventures: how hard it is to find just the right thing at just the right time, a parent’s love-hate relationship with their packed schedule, the struggle of just getting the crew out of the house. The Snack Sized Adventures microsite is perfect for those days when you need a little help to keep things interesting: rainy days, at-home days, weekends or after school. Each adventure helps to increase family bonding and bridge the gap between every day and amazing.

Now, just in time for back-to-school season, Nature’s Bakery brings families and teachers Snack Sized Adventures: Field Trip Edition—meant to increase bonding time and restore the nostalgia of in-person school field trips that might not be possible this year. Families can receive curated, fun field trip excursion kits designed to inspire adventures in the living room or classroom—at no cost! Parents can visit the Snack Sized Adventures microsite to sign up and receive a kit for their family or share the goodness by nominating their child’s teacher to win a Snack Sized Adventure: Field Trip Edition kit for the classroom. To further support today’s educators, teachers can nominate themselves and other colleagues to win the kit as well.

Find out how you can get a free Snack Sized Adventures: Field Trip Edition kit at whatonearthdoidowithmykids.com!


Each Jurassic-themed kit delivers easy, tech-free fun with instructional cards and activities, along with a variety of Nature’s Bakery snack bars, designed to replicate that “field trip” vibe no matter what the 2021-22 school year throws at you. Nature’s Bakery’s Snack Sized Adventures: Field Trip Edition kits are packed with all the supplies kids need to learn about different types of dinosaurs and ways for your kids to use their junior archeological skills for fossil digging fun.

Just like always, Nature’s Bakery will be every parent’s go-to, wholesome and delicious fuel for wherever each Snack Sized adventure takes you.  Nature’s Bakery is already known for their wholesome, yummy plant-based snacks, free of dairy, nuts and GMOs and packed with balanced nutrition. Now they’re here to not only help your kiddos snack healthy but spark their imaginations too!

Visit snacksizedadventures.com/fieldtrip to receive your free excursion kit and explore other ways to take an ‘adventure’ with your family!


—Amber Guetebier