Editor’s note: Although this story was originally published before the offer expired, we overlooked the date when including this story in our latest newsletter as a featured story. We apologize for the error (and getting your hopes up)! To make up for it,  here is a comprehensive list of Mother’s Day sales & deals including many beauty products and brands (like Benefit and Babo Botanicals) as well as a great list of restaurants offering Mother’s Day freebies.

What do you want for Mother’s Day? Um, how about a free Sephora gift card? Yes, please! Whether someone is getting you something special (hint, hint to your S.O.) or you’re buying your mama a gift for her big day, a little Sephora-ish magic is something that we all want. Come on, you spend your days taking care of everyone else. So why not pamper yourself with lotions, potions and makeup that you’ll wear twice a year when you finally get a sitter?

Okay, so there’s a catch here. Sephora isn’t exactly just giving away gift cards. As part of their Mother’s Day celebration, they are giving customers who buy a $100 eGift card a bonus perk of a $20 gift card. The promotion, which runs now through May 1, is an awesomely easy way to get something for a family member or friend and for yourself too!

Sephora’s eGift cards (both the $100 one you purchase and the $20 one you get for free) are valid online, in Sephora stores and at Sephora inside JC Penney stores. You can redeem the cards for the purchase of Sephora merchandise, but not for plastic or other eGift cards. In other words, you can’t regift an eGift with another eGift.

—Erica Loop

featured image: mattdwen via fickr 


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