With backyard barbecues galore, yellow mustard is a summer condiment staple––but typically it is enjoyed on top of hot dogs and hamburgers and not in your ice cream. Now you can enjoy your favorite condiment for dessert, thanks to a new French’s Mustard Ice Cream from Coolhaus.

Artisanal ice cream maker Coolhaus, known for unique flavor mash-ups like Buttered French Toast and Milkshake and Fries, is celebrating National Mustard Day by partnering with French’s Mustard to release a limited edition flavor.

“It’s been so fun to explore this classic condiment in a whole new way and create an unforgettable thoughtfully-crafted ice cream flavor with an All-American taste,” said Coolhaus CEO and founder Natasha Case in a statement.

photo: French’s

It might be hard to look past that glaring yellow color to taste this one of a kind ice cream, but according to the company’s description the flavor is a bold, sweet-meets-savory combination. It is served up with a pretzel-topped cookie. For those willing to give it a try, it will only be available to celebrate National Mustard Day at Coolhaus’ Los Angeles location Aug. 2-4 and 9-11, and at New York locations Aug. 1-3.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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