Have the realities of the “fourth trimester” got you down? If nursing your newborn is literally a pain, Frida Mom has you covered with a line of new breast-friendly products!

Frida Mom launched in 2019, with a collection products to help women during the postpartum period. With the brand’s newest line, Breast Care, Frida Mom is about to become your “breast friend.”

Photo courtesy of Frida Mom

The brand’s CEO, and mom of three,  Chelsea Hirschhorn wanted to help other women demystify breastfeeding comfort. Instead of the hacks you can find on random websites or YouTube tutorials, Frida Mom’s line can help to ease discomfort without kooky or convoluted so-called hacks.

You’ll find everything you need to nurse without pain, stay healthy, and make milk in Frida Mom’s collection. The line’s highlights include an Adjustable Nursing Pillow, 2-in-1 Lactation Massager, Instant Heat Breast Warmer, Breast Masks for Lactation, Engorgement and Hydration, Postpartum Gummies for Lactation, and a Breast Care Self Care Kit.

Find Frida Mom’s new postpartum Breast Care products, along with other must-haves for the new mom, at Target, Amazon, or FridaMom.com.

—Erica Loop



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