Milestone blankets make a great backdrop for chronicling your newborn’s growth over the first year. Now there’s a fun way to incorporate your favorite show into your baby’s monthly pictures. BATZkids sells two limited-edition customizable blankets inspired by the hit TV show, Friends

Friends Milestone Blanket

The soft fleece blanket features the iconic yellow frame from Rachel and Monica’s door along with the quote, “Can I be any cuter?” Make sure you say that with Chandler’s inflection. 

You can customize the blanket with your baby’s name displayed as part of a phrase inspired by the episode titles, “The One Where (Name) Turns….”

The blankets are available in two colors, white and purple. They’re available in 3 different sizes – small 40″ by 30″, medium 60″ x 50″ , and large 80″ x 60″ and vary in price from $44 to $80. The website recommends the medium blanket for best results. 

If Friends isn’t your thing, they’ve also got other adorable options such as Star Wars and Harry Potter.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: BATZkids



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