Olaf has a new song to share with kids around the world. In a new song released online by Diney, Olaf, voiced by Josh Gad, send a special message to his friends amid the coronavirus pandemic while he is staying at his home, Arendelle Castle. As he looks down at the empty streets, he writes a new song, “I Am With You.”

“I am with you with this letter / I am with you with this song / I am with you when you laugh at something silly I did wrong / Who cares about our whereabouts / I’m here and you are there/ But I’m with you / And I care,” he sings.

Clips from classic Disney movies flash on the screen as Olaf sings. 

“I wish there was a looking glass that we could see each other through / Maybe one day they’ll discover it / And you’ll see me and I’ll see you,” Olaf sings. “But ’till they do / I am with you with this music / I am with you with this rhyme / I am with you if you need me / Any moment / Any time / I am with you / And you’re with me.”

After Olaf signs the letter, Olaf asks Gale, the elemental spirit of wind that dwells within the Enchanted Forest,  “Would you please deliver this to me?” adding, “I’ll see you soon.”

—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: Walt Disney Animation Studios via YouTube


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