At Red Tricycle, we believe the best memories are created when families do fun things together and we believe every day is an opportunity to create new stories. 

It’s not just our point of view. There is science to back up the notion that experiences bring people more happiness than actual possessions and that quality family time trumps quantity.

Our research shows that while our readers are very capable and confident parents who regularly schedule family time, they only do fun things together on average 2x a week.

As a result, this brand-new newsletter is designed to fuel the parenting universe with daily inspiration for family fun.

It’s short (we know you’re busy) and includes three actionable ideas that you can do together with your family that day. Whether it’s watching a silly video over breakfast, preparing a recipe together at dinner or hosting an impromptu dance party, we provide the inspiration and opportunity to spend time together each day having fun.

Look for this email first thing every morning and you’ll start your day with a reason to celebrate.


Ride on!

Jacqui Boland

ceo + founder | red tricycle