I was a little skeptical about taking a two week trip with my husband and two boys. It’s always a little more complicated to travel with kids, especially when everyone has such different interests. As it would turn out, we all had a little more in common than we thought. Everyone had a chance to relax and truly bond while we were exploring Australia together, and we all came home much happier.

I Let The Kids Pick a Few Things to Do

My husband and I knew we weren’t going to get our way with everything. It was their trip, too. Before we left, we all went online together and looked at kid friendly activities in the areas of Australia we were going to be visiting. The boys came to a few decisions about what they wanted to do most, and the idea of getting to do these things kept them both excited and well behaved. They were most excited about the Sky Walk at Sydney Tower and its panoramic view of the city. As soon as I got up there, I found that I was just as excited as they were.

We Saw As Many Islands as We Could

There are tons of cruises leaving from most of Australia’s major coastal cities. While we were in Sydney, we decided to take one of these cruises to see the islands nearby. Every island was like the start of a new trip. Each has its own specific feel. Kangaroo Island quickly became a favorite for my family and me for exactly the reason it sounds – there were kangaroos everywhere. We also enjoyed our time on Fraser Island.

My Family Bonded with Animal Families

We were surprised by the amount of interactive experiences offered by the zoos. Ordinarily, families expect to be able to watch animals from a distance while being very quiet to avoid disturbing them. Most of the zoos in Australia are very lax about interaction, many of them offering unique experiences to pet, feed, and hold some of the tamed native wildlife. I’d like to say that it was strictly for the benefit of my boys, but I can’t. I hugged a koala!

Everyone Learned Together

Museums are great for everyone, and so many in Sydney are free. We didn’t plan to visit as many museums as we did, but we had the time and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. There are a lot of art and culture museums in the area, with many of them offering interactive exhibits to inspire the curiosity of children. My husband and I took turns supervising our eagerly learning youngsters and exploring the more “grown up” features of the museums. As we would come to find out, our children even enjoyed some of the more serious displays.

I Still Got to Relax on the Beach

Relaxing on the beach was one of the biggest draws of a trip around Australia. I’d seen and heard so much about Bondi Beach, and I couldn’t wait to experience it for myself. There were tons of people there, but the beach itself is so large that it’s easy to find enough personal space to sprawl out for an hour or two. I’m glad I brought all of that extra sunblock with me, and I’d gladly slather it all on again just to spend a few more hours there.

Overall, it’s easy to call our two week family trip to Australia a major success. We all enjoyed it equally, and it seems rare these days that families are able to do something they all love. If you’re looking for a destination for your next family trip, I would recommend you start researching Australia.


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