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It’s swimming pool season! It’s also hiking season, amusement park season, and picnic in the park season. This time of year is all about getting outside unless it rains that is. Unfortunately, in many families rainy days lead to bored kids and too much screen time.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way! There are some great indoor games that can keep kids busy and entertained. Even better, most of these can be played with items you have around the house.


You can keep the older kids entertained as well. Here are some games and activities geared towards school age kids.

At Home Escape Room

Escape rooms are popular, live action games where groups find themselves locked in a room together. In order to escape, they must work together to solve a series of challenging problems and puzzles. You can challenge your kids to find hidden objects, decode encrypted messages, and solve riddles. Even physical challenges such as moving a large object from one to the next without using their hands or arms can be fun. Once they’ve ‘escaped’ you can award a prize.

Invent a Board Game

Give kids access to poster board, markers, glue, buttons, and other craft items. Then, challenge them to create an exciting board game. They can come up with a concept, design the board itself, and make up the rules. If you have a spare box, they can even decorate that.

This is a great challenge for kids with younger siblings. They can invent a board game that their younger brothers or sisters can enjoy later.

Make a Collage

Grab some construction paper, glue sticks, old photos, and magazines! It’s time to make collages. This activity has two benefits. It keeps the kids busy for quite awhile. It also helps to clean up clutter. Once the magazines have been used to create colorful collages, they can go in the recycling bin. This is also a great way to consolidate ticket stubs, wallet size photos of friends, and other two-dimensional keepsakes onto a single piece of hangable art.

The Unbroken Egg Challenge

The object of this game is to drop a raw egg from a height onto a hard floor without it breaking. Kids can use materials from around the house to build a protective container that they think will keep the egg from breaking on impact. Encourage them to do some studying and research on engineering by researching some of the best websites pages in academics.

Hold an Oven Free Cooking Contest

Even when it’s raining, it can be too hot to turn on the oven or stove. That doesn’t mean your future chefs can’t create delicious food and have some fun challenging one another. Pick a fun category such as ice cream sundae, sandwich, wrap, or no bake dessert and let the kids have some fun. When they’ve finished giving out awards for best tasting, most creative, and cleanest cook.

These indoor games and activities are perfect for keeping the little ones entertained. Check them out!

Play Stuffed Animal Hide And Seek

This is a simple way to introduce hide and seek to a child that you might not want going out of sight for too long. Have your child run and hide a small stuffed animal or toy. Then, go looking for it. They can let you know how close you are by shouting ‘Hot!’ or ‘Cold!’. When you find the item, it’s your turn to hide it and theirs to seek.

Play a Few Rounds of Plastic Bottle Bowling

This is as easy as it sounds. All you need are some empty plastic bottles that are about the same size and an inflatable ball. You can designate a nice straight space such as a highway as your bowling alley. The walls make natural bumper guards.

Finger Paint With Pudding

Occupy your toddler and give them a bit of a sweet treat at the same time. All you have to do is set them up with a large piece of paper of plastic covering at the kitchen table. A high chair tray works well too. Then, give them small tubs of pudding to use as finger paint. To make things even more colorful, use food coloring with vanilla pudding to create cool colors.

Make a Masking Tape Obstacle Course

Use masking tape to mark off ‘balance beams’, winding paths, hopscotch patterns, and other things to encourage kids to balance, hop, and skip. If you have older toddlers, you can even get them to help you create the obstacle course as well.

Make an Easy DIY Bird Feeder

This is simple yet fun. It also gives the younger kids a chance to work on their fine motor skills. Just grab a bowl of plain cheerios and some pipe cleaners. Twist one end of the pipe cleaner so that cereal doesn’t fall off. Then, have kids string the cereal onto the pipe cleaners. Make sure they leave about an inch of pipe cleaner at the top. When the rain stops, they can find places outside to hang their bird feeders.

Make a Bean Tub Sensory Bin

Take a large plastic bin and fill it up with dried beans. Then, add small toys, colored pebbles, and other small items. Little ones will love the sensory experience and dig for treasure.

A houseful of grumpy, bored kids is no fun. Give these indoor games and activities a try, the next time your crew is stuck inside for the day.

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