Summer means hot weather and if you’re a kid, hot weather means playing in water. Whether your kiddos love the swimming pool, beach, or merely like to run through the sprinklers, there is plenty of fun to be had with just some water. If you want to get creative with water play this summer, here are some fun ideas to get you started:

1. Make juice cubes or juice pops by pouring juice into an ice cube tray and adding a popsicle® stick.

2. Have a watermelon feast outside with a hose nearby.

3. Make lemonade and measure out all the ingredients with your child.

4. Sprinklers are worth having simply to run through. Controlling the hose is a powerful experience for a child. Spray the trees and create a dripping forest, or put on your bathing suits and cool off on a hot afternoon.

5. Create miniature streams and ponds in the backyard with water and rocks.

6. Create chores of watering the lawn, shrubs, garden, and yourself!

7. Wash the car, the bike, or the porch furniture.

8. Make a sidewalk mural with colored chalk or paint and wash it off with a hose.

9. Buy washable body paint and go wild – with a hose nearby.

10. If it is really hot, put some clothes in the freezer for a silly activity and talk about the concept of frFun Things to Do With Water in the Summer

11. Make “ice hands” by filling plastic gloves with water and freezing them.

12. Learn about rain and weather. Take advantage of summer storms by watching them from a porch or window (and outside when the lightning stops). Measure the rain fall, collect hail, and count the lightning strikes and thunder booms. Talk about the clouds and how the air feels before, after, and during a storm.

12. Fill some balloons with water and have a good-natured water balloon battle.
Make a splash this summer and make time for a little more wetness, wildness, and wonder. Have fun and be safe!

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