Tweets of the week- 3.23.18

Thank you, Twitter parents for making us laugh this week. Thank you for taking our minds off the awfulness of the world, and the struggles of parenting. Thank you for giving us a laugh, for helping us laugh out ourselves and our children. We salute you with our weekly roundup!

1. What do they DO in there!?

2. Oh, the horror.

3. So fun.

4. Old and proud.

5. It’s always about butts.

6. Carazy.

 7. TGIBedtime

8. I feel ya, girl.

9. Thanks, I’m so glad I know that now.

10. Just let me take my shower in peace!

Which tweet from this list is your fave? Let us know in the comments below.

––Karly Wood

Photo by Ryan McGuire via Gratisography; composite by Karly Wood for Red Tricycle


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