Your mini-hitter has major goals and becoming one of America’s greatest ballplayers might just be one of them. Next time they want to don their favorite player’s jersey, suggest they join in on one of the following fun (and downright funny) baseball superstitions sure to make sure their next game (or day at school) will be full of smiles. Read on for the list!

1. Wear two different socks during a game.

mismatchedsocks_peterzimmerman_flickr_baseballsuperstitions_redtricyclephoto: Peter Zimmerman via flickr

2. Give the bat a special name.

3. Wear the same pair of underwear through an entire winning streak.

4. Eat the EXACT. SAME. MEAL. before every game.

favoritemeal_clappstar_flickr_baseballsuperstistions_redtricyclephoto: Clappstar via flickr

5. Take batting practice at 5:17 p.m., EVERY night.

6. Turn around and tag the player who made the out. 

7. Jump over the foul line to avoid walking over it. 

jumpthefoulline_roughtoughrealstuff_flickr_baseballsuperstitions_redtricyclephoto: Rough Tough, Real Stuff via flickr

8. Brush those pearly whites between innings. 

9. Wear the same undershirt again, and again, and AGAIN without washing.

10. Have a slight obsession with the number “3.”

luckynumber3_clappstar_flickr_baseballsuperstitions_redtricyclephoto: Clappstar via flickr

11. Tap the bat when stepping up to the plate. EVERY TIME.

12. Talk to the baseball between pitches.

13. Strap and un-strap a batting glove between at bats.

battinggloves_petemiller_flickr_baseballsuperstistions_redtricyclephoto: Pete Miller via flickr

14. Take a nap with a baseball bat.

15. Never wash the batting helmet, like, EVER.

16. Always sit in the same spot in the dugout.

seatinthedugoutkirtedblom_flickr_baseballsuperstitions_redtricyclephoto: Kurt Edblom via flickr

17. Wear blue argyle socks underneath the uniform-issued white socks.

18. Rub a Babe Ruth statue.

19. Turn your baseball cap inside out in the 9th inning if your team is losing.

20. Do not cut your hair.

Can you name the famous baseball players’ superstitions included above? Share with us in a comment!

—Gabby Cullen