Yeah, the sun is shining. And it’s perfect pool weather. But even in the height of summer vacation things can seem…um, kind of like a never-ending Groundhog Day. If you need a little pick me up, the hilarious mamas behind I Mom So Hard shared this funny Costco shopping list on Instagram recently.

The two mamas behind I Mom So Hard, Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley create some of the funniest parenting prose you’ll find online (or in any other place for that matter). And this IG post is no different.

We’ve all been there. You’re headed to Costco, Sam’s or any other warehouse-y retailer that gives you the chance to stuff five carts with everything you absolutely, positively don’t need (because you never, ever need that five gallon jog of ketchup—and you know that you don’t). This so real it might make you pee a little as you fall over laughing list features some of the popular picks that we’re all pretty much guilty of buying.

The list starts with the most obvious—wine. And of course, there’s no explanation needed. It’s followed by, the mega bag of granola that no one will ever eat. Sure, it seems like a healthy idea at the time. But compared to the pillowcase-sized bag of M&M’s that your MIL brings the kids, they’ll never touch the dried fruit-filled granola.

The granola isn’t the only thing on the list that rings true as something that might as well be put under the “light my money on fire, why don’t you” category. There’s the massive bag of spinach that, as the list says, “turns to green water” and the chorizo—it’s a tasty free sample, but way too much work to cook IRL.

So go ahead and take a break from your summer take, look at the list and get in a giggle!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: The Krazy Coupon Lady via YouTube 


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