The Easter Bunny is getting ready to hop up to your house—but wait! It takes more than plastic grass and jelly beans to create Easter magic. To leave proof of the Easter Bunny’s visit and add eggs-tra fun to your Easter celebration, check out these creative, crafty ideas. We’ve found tips and tricks for creating a special egg hunt, setting up an Easter Bunny tracker and making a bunny trail sure to light up your little chick’s eyes. Hippity, hop to it!

Bunnies for Breakfast

The Easter Bunny can drop a winding trail of jelly beans to the kitchen—with this delicious bunny fairy bread serving as the treat at the end of the trail. Skip over to Hello Wonderful to find out how to make this easy Easter surprise. Pair it with pastel-colored milk made with a few drops of food coloring in your little one's morning glass of milk for a festive breakfast. Note: if you have animal friends who'd gobble up a jelly bean trail, the Easter Bunny can leave a trail of inedible white cotton balls through your house instead.


Treasure Hunt

The clever Easter Bunny doesn't leave baskets out in the open: he hides them at the end of a tricky scavenger hunt. Happiness is Homemade put together a free printable packed full of treasure hunt clues, with each one leading to the next. You'll be able to drink your morning coffee while your kids decipher the clues.

Glow Up

Create a magical indoor egg hunt with glowing Easter eggs. It's easy to make plastic eggs glow by putting a tea light or a glow stick in each one. You can hide the eggs in a darkened basement, and still have a fun hunt even in the most torrential April showers. Or, if you're ready for an evening adventure, put them outside. Bonus: a nighttime egg hunt adds a thrill factor for big kids!


Puzzle Time

Hiding puzzle pieces in plastic eggs draws out the Easter egg hunt, and adds a great non-candy prize if you'd like to avoid feeding your kiddo's cavities. We love this Easter puzzle idea from It's Always Autumn. Be sure to check out the free printable that you can customize with your own post-puzzle prize!

Magical Jelly Beans

We love this extra-sweet Easter eve tradition! Simply gather a handful of jelly beans and, with your little one, plant them outside. While your bunnies sleep, you can swap out the beans for lollipops. Voila! Your kids will wake up to  a magical lollipop garden on Easter morning. If you're worried about your dog gobbling up the jelly beans outside, or if it's too chilly for an outdoor planting session, you can bring the magic jelly bean fun inside with this easy lollipop garden craft.

All Boxed Up

The Easter Bunny can leave treats for your little one in these bunny ear boxes. Make and Tell's DIY printable is free and even more adorable than a baby chick. They're perfect for playdate treats, table decorations or jelly bean storage.


Giant Eggs

Ready for an epic Easter? Leave a few of these jumbo eggs outside, guaranteed to make your kids go gaga. Order Etsy seller Surprise Egg Toy's jumbo plastic eggs. They're big enough to hold a bunny—the stuffed kind, of course!

Available at Surprise Egg Toy, $16.95


Santa gets milk and cookies, but the Easter Bunny goes hungry. Your kids can leave him a few baby carrots to power him through his adventure, and he can leave Meri Meri's surprise carrots in their place. Kids peel open the prize-packed carrots to reveal temporary tattoos, a baby chick and more!

Available at Meri Meri, four for $14

Easter Bunny Tracker

Check in on the Easter Bunny's hop around the world through Easter Bunny Tracker. Online or through an app, you can see the Easter Bunny's April weekend adventures and count down the time until he leaves a basket in your own backyard.

Paw Prints

What's the Easter Bunny sure to leave as he hops through your house? Paw prints! With a template and white flour, you can create a bunny trail that leads through your house. It's an affordable way to sprinkle a little egg-stra magic on Easter morning. Find all the DIY tips here. If your bunny's in a hurry, simply pick up a pack of oversized pink-and-white paw print decals and spread them out on the floor.

Available at Amazon, $6.99

Bunny Funfetti

The Easter Bunny's surprises don't have to end with candy-packed baskets. Bake a hidden bunny chocolate and vanilla funfetti cake for a sweet Easter brunch finale. It's easier to make than it looks! The Itsy-Bitsy Kitchen has the step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.

—Oz Spies



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Featured image: Frank Zhang via Unsplash