Just when we thought the Gangnam Style parodies, dancing, and hoopla was over, a new video (dare we say, even the best video to date) has emerged, which features a baby fast asleep until she hears her fave song, Gangnam Style. If you haven’t seen the video you’re missing out and if you have already, well, we think it’s worth a second, third, and fourth look if only to laugh again and again and again. And, since it’s February and we see no relief from the cold and dreary weather (unless you’re lucky enough to live in the idyllic area that is SoCal) we know you need a good pick-me-up so we’ve rounded up five of our favorite videos of kids and babies dancing to Gangnam Style. We promise once you’re finished reading this story you’ll have a big ol’ smile on your face.

1. Fast Asleep Until…
There’s a reason this video is making the rounds on Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitter. Forget the parodies and check out this hilarious baby who is totally fast asleep until her dad puts on Gangnam Style and then all baby dancing breaks loose. Perhaps even just as funny as the little baby’s bulging eyes and happy dancing legs is her sister who can’t stop giggling at her sibling’s dance moves. This is one video that will surely make you laugh.

2. Why Learn to Walk When You Can Dance?
It’s funny enough watching our kiddos wobble around like an intoxicated college student as they master the art of putting one leg in front of another, but when they’re holding onto a stool like this little one and bobbing up and down to PSY we can’t help but laugh. We love this gal’s rainbow dancing socks and how she keeps looking at her mom with a big grin on her face as if to say, “Hey look at me!”

3. What’s Better Than One Dancing Kid? Two, Of Course!
No, you’re not seeing double. We can’t get enough of these dancing kiddos who not only give PSY a run for his money, but are dancing in matching outfits to boot. They both totally have the hand and arm moves down. We think of PSY is looking for some new stars for his next music video, he should look these babies up. They’e got rhythm.

4. Who Needs Toys When You Have PSY?
We’re impressed. In a play room chock full of awesome toys, this baby only wants to dance to Gangnam Style. This 16 month old has totally got the beat down. In fact, we sort of want to get him in a room with the matching boys from video #3 and see what happens.

5. Even UK Kids Love Gangnam Style
No matter where you live there’s something about this song that speaks to kids. Take a look at this video that showcases dozens of school children in Cornwall dancing to Gangnam Style. This is Cornwall reports that kids at the school got inspired to create their own dancing video after a local policeman raised money for charity after making his own parody video. The kiddos who participated in the dancing made donations to a boy who was in need of support after surgery. We love this video because nothing can beat dozens of kids dancing to PSY and we totally admire all the kiddos for doing some good too.

6. Bonus Video: All the Single Babies
Ok, we know this isn’t Gangnam Style, but we couldn’t help but include this bonus video of a baby dancing to Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies” that we recently stumbled upon. Beyonce totally rocked it during the Super Bowl halftime show and we think (or maybe we just hope) that the next wave of cute dancing baby videos will be to Beyonce songs.

Are there any songs that your kids love to rock out to? We want to know their fave dancing tunes.