Photographer Amy Haehl of Coffee Creek Studio takes baby pics to a whole new level. Haehl, armed with plenty of photo altering magic, adds full-on smiles to the typically toothless faces of newborns, and the results are pure awesomeness.

If you’ve ever wondered what your newborn would look like with a toothy grin, now you don’t have to. Haehl’s now-viral photos don’t just put a smile on her subject’s faces, they’ll put a smile on yours too!

So how does Haehl give babies giggle-worthy grins? Reportedly, she uses FaceApp to alter the pics. After positing the photos on the Coffee Creek Studios Facebook page, the chomper-filled creations quickly went viral.

Haehl told CafeMom,  “I think these photos were popular with people because it is so different from the normal way babies look and they’re quite hilarious.” And we totally agree!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Coffee Creek Studio via Facebook



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