Pie charts and bar graphs aren’t always synonymous with fun, but when they’re used to breakdown the truths about parenting, like these hilarious parenting drawings, they can have you laughing out loud.

Artist and mom Bonnie Kimmerly began noticing some patterns forming in her daily parenting routine and she decided to document them using charts. “Sometimes a cartoon or comic doesn’t help me get an idea across, and the part of my brain that wants to organize tells me to put it into chart or diagram form,” she told HuffPost.

Kimmerly’s hilarious drawings, like line graphs showing the relationship between lengths of naps and parent’s energy reserves, are totally relatable.

She covers everything from the proportions of food moms get to eat versus kids…

… to a compass ranking kids cartoon characters from cute to intolerable.

You can follow her Instagram feed here for more much-needed laughs.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

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