Do your mini chefs love helping out in the kitchen? It can be a lot fun to cook with your kids, but it’s not always easy to get them to follow the recipe. If you left things up to them, you’d end up with some very creative concoctions, much like the recipes in this cookbook written by preschoolers.

Twitter user Jordan Adams shared the finished pages from a cookbook created by his nephew Ethan’s pre-K class. While these dishes might not be entirely edible, Gordon Ramsey would definitely give them an apron for sheer out-of-the-box creativity.

One of the best examples is Ethan’s own recipe for “Eggs.” The ingredients include “pancakes, sugar and skittles.” No eggs, obviously, and all of the ingredients should be procured from a “Texas Roadhouse.” The prep time is one hour, but the cook time is listed a mere “two seconds.”

Now for the instructions, which read, “First you put pancakes and then sugar and that’s it. You can cook it, but you can go to my house and I will give you eggs because my mom makes eggs all the time. You can eat them with a spoon. Don’t put anything on them because that’s how you makes eggs, with nothing.”

Another recipe for pancakes includes just one solitary ingredient, “salt” and all you have to do is “get a thingy from the house and you put it in the hot thingy. Turn on the hot thingy and it burns so you have to be careful. You make like, something and put it in and it cooks.”

The internet’s favorite recipe by far, however, is Joe’s Tacos, which turns out to be a recipe for cheesy roll ups because as the directions explain, “First I don’t actually know, I really don’t remember anything. Can I change this to cheesy roll ups? Because they are super easy. There is only 3 stuff you need, white cheese, yellow cheese, and tortilla. I don’t even want to make tacos anymore. I don’t even know how. It is so hard think about tacos. But I can make cheesy roll ups. They are super easy. They come from Taco Bell.”


—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Jordan Adams via Twitter



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