We’re not sure when it happened, but the typical Valentine’s Day card has upped its game. From references to hit television series to perfect puns, modern Valentine’s Day cards aim for your funny bone as well as your heart. From Valentine’s Day cards for kids to funny Valentine’s Day cards, see our favorites below.

Yoda One

Perfect for any recipient, this baby Yoda sums it up with typical cuteness.

Available on Amazon Homemade, $5 + shipping

You're an Eleven

Calling all fans of Stranger Things! Their love of this card will only match their love of the hit series. 

Available on Amazon Homemade, $5 + shipping

From the Dog: I'm So Sorry

Maybe we don't get a lot of correspondence from our pooch. But maybe we should. And if we did, wouldn't this be perfect?

Available from Amazon Homemade, $6.99

If You Were a Flower

Let's be honest. None of us are hearing that many pick up lines these days (the grocery store at 10 a.m. isn't the happening place it is at 10 p.m., after all). That's why this card will make any adult's day.

Available on Crimson and Clover Studio, $5

Just for Your Gal Pal: Behind Every Great Woman

"OMG is there a project due tomorrow?!?! He just told me. How long has Henry been working on it?" or perhaps, "V just barfed. There's no way I can get the kids to school in the morning. Can you pick the others up?" There are so. many. versions. of the late-night wing-mom text. Give this card to those on your favorites list.

Available at Emily Mcdowell, $4.99

Roses are Red

We like their style. Whimsical, no-frills, solidly funny. Nicely done.

Available at Etsy, $4.80

If You Got Stung By a Jellyfish

This card is guaranteed to get the giggles going on Valentine's Day morning. 

Available on Etsy, $4.53

Zombie Apocalypse

While it might not mean that much to your tiny tots, this card speaks to the very soul of your older elementary and middle school-aged kiddos.

Available on Etsy, $3.94

Just for Your Spouse: Pajama Promise

It can't be said that I never do anything romantic. This card is hard, cold evidence that you've. still. got. it. 

Available at Minted, $5.99

You A'Ight

A'ight? A'ight. 

Available at Etsy, $4.50

I Willy Like You

If your kids get this, then congrats to you. Excellent parenting. For anyone else, this card is perfect for a teacher, friend, neighbor or mailman. It's a multi-tool of a Valentine's Day card.

Available on Etsy, $5.25

Llama Just Say

Oh, you know we did! We threw a llama in here, and it is hi-ll-arious. 

Available at Zazzle, $3.45

I Still Love You

The picture that says it all. Despite the daily drudgery, it's pretty awesome to do life with our people, amiright? We just wish they'd put their dang dishes in the dishwasher. 

Available at Etsy, $4.53

I Think You're Grate

If you have a fan of the pun, this card is really punny.

Available at Etsy, $4.10


If You Were a Bogey

This one is for all those special pickers we have in our lives. Kids, we're talking to you! 

Available at Etsy, $4.19


––Shelley Massey



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