It’s always refreshing when a celeb who seemingly has it all together gets candid about the challenges of motherhood. New mom Gabrielle Union recently opened up to Parents Magazine for a cover story and we can all relate.

Union and husband Dwyane Wade welcomed their baby girl, Kaavia, via surrogate in November after years of struggling with infertility. The couple has already been very open about their struggle to become parents—and now that they’ve finally welcomed their daughter, Union isn’t holding back on the challenges of parenthood either.

“I suck at swaddling,” she admitted to Parents. “I don’t know whether to use glass or plastic bottles. I never knew there were so many types of nipples. And installing a car seat is like taking the SATs! I don’t have all the answers, which feels terrifying.”

Finding time for herself hasn’t been easy either, as all new moms can relate. “Kaavia went through a phase of not napping,” she said. “I was like, ‘When do I shower or pee or live?’ So I had to get a little comfortable with her crying, which I had not been. And then I took the quickest shower of all time!”

Of course, in the end all of the hardship from the IVF treatments to the sleepless nights and missed showers is worth it. Union is happy to share her family’s journey with others. “Kaavia really is the personification of hope for a lot of people like us, who maybe didn’t have a lot to be hopeful about,” she said. “She represents that maybe there is a light at the end. And when you take people on the low points of your journey, it’s cool to let them be part of the joy.”

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Gabrielle Union via Instagram



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