Gardening became a hit hobby during last year’s pandemic and the momentum has carried forward into 2021. But did you know that only half of home gardeners use all the food that they grow, according to a new survey from Bonnie Plants? The Grow More. Feed More. initiative is aiming to change that and tackle food insecurity in the process.

Bonnie Plants has partnered with, a non-profit that connects gardeners with food pantries based on their zip code. Together, they hope to encourage home gardeners to donate their surplus and help feed neighbors in need. Bonnie Plants will also donate 5 percent of their online sales through July to and committed $200,000 to help fight hunger.

“Many people don’t realize that you can donate the extra food from your garden directly to local food pantries,” said Mike Sutterer, Bonnie Plants President and CEO. “Most gardeners end up with extra zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes that they don’t know what to do with, and if all of these gardeners donated just a bag or two of vegetables, we could make a significant impact on food insecurity nationwide.”

Your plants are probably still in the seedling phase, but you can plan ahead for your donation once harvest approaches. Visit the AmpleHarvest website to find a food pantry in your area and get started. It’s an easy way for green thumbs to give back!

––Sarah Shebek

Video courtesy of Bonnie Plants/Feature photo: Filip Urban via Unsplash



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