More than 90,000 babies competed for a spot as the 2021 Gerber Spokesbaby, but only one could prevail! And his parents have a fantastic backstory, too. Four-month-old Zane Kahin from Florida is this year’s winner after his mom beat cancer and the odds.

Erin Kahin and husband Mike hoped to have kids, but they weren’t sure if Erin could conceive naturally after she faced treatment for breast cancer, including a double mastectomy. But Baby Zane surprised the family and entered the world on February 3!

“Zane is a little comedian – he loves to crack himself up and even wakes up laughing. His cheerful attitude, captivating giggles, and playful smile can light up any room!” his parents noted.

As for the prize, the Kahins received $25,000 in cash, free Gerber products for up to one year and a wardrobe provided by Gerber Childrenswear. You can buy a bodysuit or t-shirt design inspired by Zane and the company will make a product donation of equal value to the charitable organization Delivering Good. Zane will also keep busy as the “Chief Taste Tester” for new baby food products and serve as Gerber’s “Chief Growing Officer.”

The Gerber Spokesbaby is an annual award inspired by a 1928 company contest to find a face to represent their baby food. Artist Dorothy Hope Smith’s charcoal sketch of a neighbor’s child perfectly captured the spirit and it’s been the face of all Gerber packaging since 1931.

—Sarah Shebek

Feature photo courtesy of Gerber



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