photo: Sesame Street 

How long has Sesame Street been around? Well, it’s about to start it’s 48th season! On November 11, your kiddos will be treated to their fave friends (such as Big Bird and Elmo) on HBO. Oh, and Cookie Monster is getting a food segment. Yes, a food segment. Here’s what’s in store for the new season.

The new season’s debut starts with an all-new primetime special, “The Magical Wand Chase.” And the special stars actress Elizabeth Banks. She’ll visit three different NYC neighborhoods, showing viewers that even though people are different kindness is universal.

The season that follows will focus on Sesame Street’s kindness curriculum. This means that the episodes will center around helping children to understand concepts such as mutual respect, similarities and differences (especially when it comes to race and ethnicity). Dr. Rosemarie Truglio, SVP Content and Curriculum for Sesame Workshop, said, “The stories this season focus on cultivating cultural competencies, which are important prosocial skills for school readiness and for life — and they’re more vital now than ever.”

Cookie Monster’s new segment, “Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck” will feature the beloved monster and his new friend Gonger as they get orders for their food truck and set out to find the ingredients necessary, traveling to different places.

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