“You can be anything you want to be” rings true when you realize that Play-Doh Expert is a real job title. While that official position belongs to chemists at Hasboro, we’d like to give honorary awards to the amazing craft bloggers below who have re-invented the playdough experience for all five senses. Once you’ve made your own batch, find out how to take it to the next level below.


photo: Fun at Home with Kids

Edible Gluten Free No Cook Playdough
‘Doh, that toy just went in your babe’s mouth… but it’s all going to be okay. This edible, gluten-free playdough is made from four easy ingredients and can last several days in the fridge. Head to Fun at Home with Kids to find out how to make some for your artistic tot or check out the rest of DIY projects we have.

Glitter Me Impressed
Leave it to Tinker Lab to find a way to create glow in the dark playdough. With the magic of Glo Away (glow in the dark paint), your sculptures will be able to recreate night-vision friendly masterpieces. Click here to visit Tinker Lab for the tutorial.


photo: Growing a Jeweled Rose

Apple Scented Dough
Get with your little one and throw together flour, vegetable oil and apple pie spice for a nicely scented playtime. Genius playmaker Crystal Underwood of Growing A Jeweled Rose also suggests using cinnamon if apple pie spice isn’t readily available.

Snow Dough
The Imagination Tree provides a great recipe for babies and adds a little glitter for a shiny, shimmery, snowy batch of dough. Snowmen, snow balls – here we come! If you’re interested in other snow stimulation ideas, click here.


photo: Imagination Tree

Sand Play without the Beach
A sand castle that’ll withstand the sands of time! This sensory “dough” is uses a mixture of cornstarch and water to become moldable and solid. Add a few shells for a real beachy experience. Visit Imagination Tree for the full how-to, or check out our story for more sandy ideas.


photo: Still Playing School

Peep-a-Boo Dough
Got leftover Peeps for Easters ago? Squish those everlasting Peeps to your heart’s content without the sticky aftermath. Still Playing School’s fabulously fun recipe repurposes those Peeps into safe edible playdough for mouthy tots. Want to see what else Peeps can do? Click here.

What’s your favorite playdough creation? Share it in the Comments below!

— Christal Yuen