Snactivity Review Time!

Emilie's son & daughter

Emilie’s son & daughter having a snactivity time

Have you tried the Giddy Dip’ems yet? The individually packaged snacks include four cookie-type bars and a dipping sauce. Emilie, Nancy and Robin, volunteer Red Tricycle Reader critics tried them out for you and share the words of wisdom with all of us. Curious about the results? Here are their Giddy Snacks reviews by answering 5 quick questions.

1. What’s the best thing about Giddy Dip’ems?

Emilie: The kids LOVED the cookies.  I tried them also and they were great.  I almost couldn’t get them to try the dip because they were gobbling up the cookies so fast.  I also love that the ingredients are natural and no artificial stuff.  All in all, the kids thought they were really awesome!

Robin:My kids love the red strawberry sauce! I like the individual packaging, but not necessarily the outer, happy meal type box. I would be okay with a clear zip top ziploc type bag I would use again later for trash.

Nancy: The crunchy cookie.

2. What would make Giddy Dip’ems even better?

Emilie: My three year old wasn’t crazy about the dip although I thought it was great.  He kept saying it was “spicy” and after trying it I think it  has a tart/citrusy taste (lemon maybe) that he wasn’t crazy about.  But, on the other hand, my 1.5 year old licked it out of the container.  She hasn’t developed an opinion on much yet.

Robin: My kids said they would like chocolate sprinkles, other sauces/flavors to dip. I would buy this product again, especially for birthday party and soccer snacks if they came in an eight pack. If the outer packaging were a ziploc for trash that would really make having it for sideline athletic games a cinch and you could market that having a place to put trash as an advantage! Great place to put trash and the juice boxes!

Nancy: A different color dip with a different flavor.

3. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being least likely and 5 being most likely, how likely are you to recommend Giddy Dip’ems to a friend?

Emilie: Depending on the price, I would say a five.  They were somewhat healthy (compared to other sweet snacks), the kids really had fun eating them and the packaging was easy to take on the go.

Robin: I would buy this product again, especially for birthday party and soccer snacks if they came in an eight pack.

Nancy: I’d recommend it with about a 4 due to it’s ease and health appeal for little ones.  However, my kids only tried it the first day but I couldn’t entice them to try any other day.

4. What are the top 3 places you shop for kids snacks?

Emilie: Fred Meyer,, Whole Foods

Robin: Fred Meyer, Safeway, QFC

Nancy:, Safeway, Trader Joes

5. What do you look for on labels / packaging when shopping for kids snacks?

Emilie: No artificial ingredients, no sugar/low in sugar, cost, real ingredients (whole wheat, fruit, etc.)

Robin: First three ingredients, then skim for hard to pronounce “bad” stuff.  I am okay with the sugar, especially cane, but prefer whole grains and raisin purees etc Don’t like “bad” oils either or msg, or high fructose anything. Kids thought the biscuits were very crunchy and hard, but that was okay with the sauce.

Nancy: Low sugar and fat content and any vitamins to benefit my kids.  I am not a fan of empty calories for anyone.

Giddy Snacks, $15.99 for 16 snacks