Just like that, your tiny tot isn’t so tiny anymore. And her toys are growing up too! In fact, her holiday wish list has gone from simple Duplos to 1,000-piece LEGO sets, cuddly stuffed animals to augmented reality toys, and plain old racecars to buildable electronic sets. Navigate your big kid’s winter wishes with our slideshow featuring hot toys for school-age kids below.

Sparkle Kitty

Plan a family game night this winter, starring Breaking Games’ newest release, Sparkle Kitty. This spellbinding game is all about being super cute, as players work to free rad princesses from Queen Sparkle Kitty’s evil clutches. With each giggle-worthy word combo that’s cast, players have a chance to knock down a brick from the cursed towers, until their princess is finally freed. Don’t forget to dress as a princess (for realz) when you play this adorbs new game!

Find it online, $20
Ages: 6 & up

Which one will you put on your holiday wish list? Share your pick in a comment.

—Allison Sutcliffe

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