Just like that, your tiny tot isn’t so tiny anymore. And her toys are growing up too! In fact, her holiday wish list has gone from simple Duplos to 1,000-piece LEGO sets, cuddly stuffed animals to augmented reality toys, and plain old racecars to buildable electronic sets. Navigate your big kid’s winter wishes with our slideshow featuring hot toys for school-age kids below.

Ultra Dash

Harness all that restless indoor energy with a mad dash around the house when you play Ultra Dash. To play this hot new game, simply set up the five targets around your place, then send your Little off to tag the target in a race against time. Play in one of three modes—target tally, relay race or beat the clock—to keep it fresh. Ready, set, play!

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Ages: 6 & up

Which one will you put on your holiday wish list? Share your pick in a comment.

—Allison Sutcliffe

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