If your kids’ bedrooms already resemble a fully-stocked aisle at Toys “R” Us, it can be tough to stomach the idea of adding even more to the mix. But, even if your kids have all the things they could possibly want, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on gift giving. Instead, give the gift of a unique experience that will make memories they’ll have long after the battery-operated toys have stopped working. Click through to see our favorite ideas.

Family Game Night to the Extreme

You’ve probably heard the old saying, the family that makes it out of the escape room together, has the best holiday ever… or something like that. Escape rooms are a fun way to get fully immersed in a fun game, but they’re not just for adults. Many escape rooms across the country like The Ultimate Escape Rooms in Ventura, California now feature themed rooms made just for families. You don’t have to go anywhere to make game night an extra special experience, with these amazing new games you can have an extremely fun time together in your own living room.

photo: The Ultimate Escape Rooms


What unique gifts have you given your kids that don’t necessarily fit inside a box? Share your ideas in the comments.

— Shahrzad Warkentin




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