If your kids’ bedrooms already resemble a fully-stocked aisle at Toys “R” Us, it can be tough to stomach the idea of adding even more to the mix. But, even if your kids have all the things they could possibly want, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on gift giving. Instead, give the gift of a unique experience that will make memories they’ll have long after the battery-operated toys have stopped working. Click through to see our favorite ideas.

One to Grow On

When Grandma asks what to get the kids this year, why not suggest signing them up for a class. Not only will the gift keep giving, but when the grandparents FaceTime you, the kids will have something to share about what they learned, from playing the ukulele, to breaking boards in karate. For those curious kids who want to learn how to surf waves and swing from a trapeze, give them the gift of a new skill set by signing them up for a not-so-typical kids class. Whether it’s parkour, surfing, woodworking, or coding, classes offered at your local YMCA or community center let your tots unwrap any passion they can imagine, which is much more fun than simply opening a box. Get inspired by our ultimate list of unique classes for kids by clicking here.

photo: Ultimate Magic Academy via Facebook


What unique gifts have you given your kids that don’t necessarily fit inside a box? Share your ideas in the comments.

— Shahrzad Warkentin




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