Decorating gingerbread houses (and sneaking in bites of the sweet trimmings) is a highlight of your kids’ holiday season. Keep the tradition alive and celebrate Jewish culture with a handmade chocolate gingerbread menorah decorating kit. The box comes with all the fixings like candy, pre-made frosting and even the option for an assembled menorah so all you have to do is break open the sweets and start decorating.


Susan Mayost and Lisa Kinne are the brains behind the gingerbread menorah decorating kits. The two Bay Area moms always loved building and decorating gingerbread houses with their kids, but tell us that it never felt quite right with Susan’s Jewish family. So, they created the gingerbread menorahs that offer the same fun perks of decorating gingerbread homes, but with a cultural Jewish twist in celebration of Hanukkah.


Since Susan and Lisa are moms themselves they know the value of convenience. Each kit comes with everything you’ll need to decorate and build your gingerbread menorah, including ready made frosting. The complete package features homemade chocolate gingerbread, an assortment of candy and pre-made frosting (and yes, it tastes pretty delicious). Each kit also comes with a pamphlet outlining a history of Hanukkah in kid-friendly terms and decorating ideas.


Choose from three options: their original, unassembled menorah kit, a mini unassembled menorah kit and a mini pre-assembled menorah kit (pictured here). For families with tots or for those who just want to get straight to the decorating fun, we suggest ordering a mini pre-assembled kit. The chocolate gingerbread menorah is already constructed so all you have to do is lay out some paper towels or newspaper and start decorating.


While Sweet Thrills Bakeshop offers up some ideas for how to decorate your menorah, it’s truly up to your kids. Susan and Lisa definitely don’t skimp on the candy so you’ll have plenty of options when outfitting your menorah (and also some sweet treats to nosh on).


Available at Sweet Thrills Bakeshop from $24.95-$29.95. Ships throughout the US.

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Copy and photos by: Erin Lem