Just because Christmas is over, doesn’t mean our kids stop wanting stuff. In the case of Danielle Grubisic’s 13-year-old sister, she’s taking her mission to get a family cat to a whole new level. Instead of making a traditional wish list, the little genius created a Wall of Sorrow to guilt her dad into getting her a feline friend. And guess what? It worked.

Big sis Danielle shared the effort on Twitter and it’s been shared over 70k times as people revel in the collage that includes photos of crying cats, kitties behind bars and hand-written notes to the tune of, “Please please please” and our personal favorite, an artist’s rendering of a cat saying, “Why did you do this to me?” While the overall theme of the wall has a sad tone as little sis tries to get her point across, she definitely does it with passion and gusto.

And we think the final photo in Danielle’s tweet says it all:

wall of sorrows

We can’t fault this teen for putting so much effort into her goal of getting a cat. She wanted something, and she went after it. We call that perseverance in our book. So what if it took her 23 sheets of paper and photos to get her point across? She might just have a future as a lobbyist.

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––Karly Wood