Some birthday gifts are more memorable than others. For one little girl, the gift of a surprise adoption on her birthday is one she will never forget.

New mom of three Paige Zezulka recently posted a video on Facebook of her daughter Ivey’s reaction to finding out that her foster parents were adopting her on her birthday. There are very few words exchanged, but her tears of joy pretty much say it all.

After spending three years in foster care 10-year-old Ivey was overjoyed to find that she was being adopted, along with her two younger siblings, Kai, three, and Lita, two. Their new parents Paige and her husband, Daniel Zezulka, had been fostering Kai since he was five months old. They soon discovered that Kai had an older sister and that their biological mother was pregnant with another baby.

Eventually all three siblings found themselves being fostered by the Zezulkas. They were most worried about Ivey because she was older and had already been placed with another foster family. “We were prepared for a hard transition for her. Her other family was prepping her. We made a new room for her with pink everything, fit for a princess. We wanted her to feel safe and loved. We thought it would be so hard for her—thought she would struggle,” Zezulka told Good Morning America.

It turned out that their worries would quickly melt away however. “The first night she moved in, she asked if she could call us mom and dad. The second day, she asked if she could stay forever,” Zezulka said.

Ivey isn’t the only one with big feelings about her adoption. Her parents share her tearful joy in the now-viral video. Zezulka explains, “Ivey is so wonderful and special, and we are so blessed she is our daughter. Sometimes people are afraid to consider older kids, they think they may be ‘damaged.’ We hit the jackpot. Ivey is so grateful and thankful. [She] tells us we are wonderful parents, and she has gratitude to be in a family, for being safe and loved. She’s wonderful and we are so blessed she is our daughter.”

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: rosysmith581 via Pixabay



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